Nearer to Nature

RIFLIX in furniture design

Manywicker wood elements of furniture facades can be successfully replaced by RIFLIX woven material, including problem bed panels and kitchen fronts. The finished product will retain its natural style and gain a real personality.

Curvedwicker wood furniture fronts are the result of technological manufacturing achievements, but curved wooden grills installed in them can be made by only a few manufacturers. Now, having RIFLIX woven material, making curved facades (including those with wooden grills) is no problem for manufacturers who like to make curved backs for their beds.

Fewwicker wood manufacturers make sliding wardrobes of natural wood, and their price is very high. RIFLIX woven material allows manufacturers to quickly and easily produce a sliding wardrobe with a natural wood facade; they need only install the cut RIFLIX fabric in the door frame of a sliding wardrobe. It is also easy to make curved facades for sliding wardrobes using RIFLIX woven material.

Sliding wardrobes of natural RIFLIX material look extremely stylish. The doors of the wardrobe are also light and graceful. Considering the numerous ways to finish RIFLIX woven material with paint, the front of a sliding wardrobe can have a very a luxurious look.

Furniturewicker wood manufacturers also use natural wood RIFLIX woven material in the manufacturing of kitchens, bar counters, chests, screens, chair backs, cushioned furniture inserts, etc.