Nearer to Nature
The company RIFLIX is offering you a special RIFLIX brand product. This product brings together the classic English traditions of plaiting and stylish design, the beauty and durability of natural wood, the innovative technology of woodworking, and the value of handwork. This makes RIFLIX different from everything that exists in the market.

RIFLIXwicker tree was created in 2005 thanks to the dream of a talented man who ventured into the epoch of the plastic to make an all-natural finishing material for the home. It was then that he created the original RIFLIX production technology and design, patenting them in many countries around the world.

The RIFLIX philosophy is centered on absolute environmental friendliness and perfect product quality. RIFLIX remains a small family business in order to sustain this philosophy.

RIFLIXwicker tree has been in production in Russia since 2007. We have opened our production facilities in the Krasnodar region, since experts say that Caucasian oak and beech are the best types of hardwood timber in Russia are Caucasian oak and beech.

RIFLIXwicker tree is paying tribute to and taking care of the environment through commitment to its philosophy. RIFLIX's absolute environmental friendliness is the result of striving for the perfect product. RIFLIX is not just a safe product for humans, but also a safe product for the environment. Highly proficient experts, unique technology, and skilled hand labor create a quality, cost-effective woodworking product.

By controlling the production process in Russia, RIFLIX confirms its principles and respect for true connoisseurs of natural materials.