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RIFLIX in interior design

You can decorate an entire interior in the same style using different kinds of RIFLIX panels.

Decorativewicker wood radiator screens, wall and ceiling panels, interior and office partitions, stair elements… this is just a short list of interior uses for woven RIFLIX material.

RIFLIX's good air permeability and high resistance to aggressive external factors are valuable qualities in the creation of decorative surfaces for special purposes.

Decorativewicker wood radiator screens are becoming an integral part of the modern interior. RIFLIX woven material has good air permeability and is therefore a very good option for filling radiator screens. Made in the form of a wooden grill, the natural material RIFLIX can be easily installed in the piping of a decorative screen. Woven RIFLIX material does not deform over time, is aesthetically pleasing, and is very easy to maintain.

Wallwicker wood and ceiling panels made from the natural material RIFLIX are lightweight and fit perfectly fit in a wooden interior design. In addition, RIFLIX's acoustic qualities create a unique atmosphere and comfort in a room.

Partitionswicker wood and sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular in homes, offices, hotels, and restaurants. RIFLIX woven material can be used as a filler in sliding doors and partitions to implement the most sophisticated design ideas: radials, curves, waves, etc.

As for spiral and conventional staircases... is there an alternative to balusters? RIFLIX woven material, having two faces, complements any interior while serving simultaneously as fencing. RIFLIX woven material has also successfully been used for portals, arches, reception counters, etc.