Nearer to Nature
If you appreciate natural, high quality, original material, then RIFLIX wood panels are your choice.

This natural material is woven wood in the form of panels (fabric). This natural material may be made of veneer or solid fine wood.

Distinctive features of RIFLIX wooden panels


RIFLIX wood panels can be used for different purposes: interior decoration, landscape design, furniture facades, and more. Having all the advantages inherent in natural wood, RIFLIX panels are resistant to moisture and extreme temperatures. In addition, both sides of the wood panels are facial.


RIFLIX wood panels have no analogues in the world. Furthermore, even the most advanced modern technology cannot replace the value of handwork, giving individual character to RIFLIX wood panels. This is a unique approach in today's society, which mainly focuses on speed and low production cost.

Environmental friendliness

RIFLIX wood panels are an environmentally friendly material. Only the best raw materials are used for their production: veneer or fine solid wood grown in the foothills of North Caucasus, and adhesives made by European manufacturers.


RIFLIX wood panels have an exclusive design beyond the beautiful aesthetics of natural wood. This finishing material allows the creation of unique and exquisite original interiors; one can implement any design fantasies.


High quality of raw materials and strict control at every stage of production provide high-quality and durable products.

Types of RIFLIX wood panels

Today in Russia there are three types of wood panels being produced:

RIFLIX-Cwicker wood is woven wood panels made as continuous plaiting.

RIFLIX-C wood panels are made in a standard size sheet (0.9m x 2.5m and 0.9m x 0.9m ), 8mm thick.

Continuous plaiting keeps it rigid and solid, yet flexible and partially breathable. RIFLIX-C panels are designed for various installations in furniture facades, sliding doors, interior and office partitions, sliding wardrobe doors, etc.

RIFLIX-C is also useful for wall and ceiling panels. This natural material may be used to manufacture outdoor furniture and decorative garden fences, since it is resistant to moisture and fluctuating temperatures.

RIFLIX-wicker wood is woven wood panels made as an openwork form of plaiting.

RIFLIX-A wood panels are made in standard size sheets (0.6m x 2.5m) and 20m rolls. RIFLIX-A panels are available 6mm (RIFLIX-A6) and 10mm (RIFLIX-A10) thick.

Openwork plaiting is a network of cells, where 35% of the fabric's total area practically does not disturb the circulation of air through it.

The main purpose of RIFLIX-A wooden panels is installation in radiator screens, kitchen fronts, garden arbors, and decorative fences. RIFLIX-A wood panels are also used for manufacturing ceiling panels, decorative arches, enclosing latticework, etc.

Thewicker wood most recent development is the 100% natural material RIFLIX-N.

RIFLIX-N is a woven fabric of solid wood with different plaiting ornaments produced without the use of glue. They are entirely made of natural wood.The manufacturing process for RIFLIX-N is completely unique and it connects the most advanced woodworking technology with the traditions of handwork.

RIFLIX-N may be made of conventional or heat-modified timber, and is covered with a natural wax which makes this an ideal eco-material.