RIFLIX and exterior design

Due to the fact that RIFLIX does not lose its shape and rigidity during exploitation, the wicker material can be successfully used in a garden arbors, pergolas, decorative arches and fences.

Significant resistance of RIFLIX wooden material to external aggressive factors and the cosiness of traditional weaving will allow you to create an excellent outdoor design elements.

Decorative fences

RIFLIX-A10, varnished oak

A wicker fence is an excellent choice for zoning the garden and framing flower beds. RIFLIX wood panels in the binding will take the form of any geometry and organically fit into the garden style.

Finishing panels with a varnish or paints will allow the wicker material to maintain its original appearance and novelty for a long time. Hermetically sealed panels are resistant to humid air, cold, they also can resist the wind and the sun, but like any other thin wooden products, they need a protection from direct impact of rain and snow.

Arches and lattices for plants

RIFLIX-A10, varnished oak

Decorative garden arches and partitions with solid RIFLIX can be used as a decorative elements or as lattices for a climbing plants.

Unlike metal arches, wooden ones are much easier to construct and more organically fit into the landscape. The flexibility of the RIFLIX panels allows you to significantly speed up the process of creating an arch or lattice, reducing it to just fixing the material on the frame.

The durability of the panels will allow the finished product to resist outdoor features of the air and temperatures, as well as to hold the weight of a climbing plants. High-quality refinement with paints and varnishes will significantly increase the life of the arch and give it more expressiveness.


RIFLIX-C82, coloring "Wenge"

A front door with a frame or facade made with wicker material is a modern solution, bringing the coziness of a wickerwork things at the same time.

RIFLIX panels are easy to clean from dust with a conventional wet cleaning. Dyeing the material in Wenge colors or patina finishing in various shades will give a luxurious look to the building entrance.