About RIFLIX panels


RIFLIX-A is a wicker wooden material made in openwork type of weave.

The main application of RIFLIX-A wood panels is the installation in a heating radiator screens, kitchen facades, garden arbors and decorative fences. They also can be used for creating ceiling panels, decorative arches, fencing elements of stairs, etc.

Panels size

RIFLIX-A panels have a form of a sheet of standard size 0.45-0.7x2.5m or a roll 20m long.The panel thickness is 6mm(RIFLIX-A6) and 10mm (RIFLIX-A10). The openwork weave of the panel forms the cells on it which fill 35% of the total size. It's practically does not prevent the air circulation through the material.

Features of working with the openwork panels

A distinctive feature of this material is that it consists of separate elements that are not rigidly connected to each other. This moment determines all the specifics of working with it.

Since RIFLIX panels are assembled without the use of glue, the corrugated elements of the openwork panels have some mobility, especially short elements at the corners of the sheet.

To increase the length of the RIFLIX-A panel, an extra corrugated lamellas must be available. Such lamellas can be removed from the remains of openwork panels or purchased separately. Further, according to the instructions that we will apply to the set of lamellas, a length of the RIFLIX-A panel can be increased. There is no additional devices are needed for weaving. The speed of such weaving could be up to a 5 m2 per hour.


RIFLIX-C is a wicker wooden material made in solid type of weave.

The main application of RIFLIX-A wood panels is the installation in any kinds of furniture facades, sliding doors, living room and office partitions, doors of wardrobes, etc. RIFLIX-C is also used as a wall or ceiling panels. This natural material can be used for the producing of a garden furniture and decoration on verandas and under awnings, as it is resistant to humid air and is not afraid of frequent temperature changes.

Panels size

RIFLIX-C panels have a form of a sheet of standard size 0.6x2.5m and 0.9x2.5m. The panel thickness is 8mm. Сплошное плетение полотна делает его более жестким и прочным, но при этом сохраняется его гибкость и воздухопроницаемость.

Features of working with the solid panels

Solid panels can also be spliced to increase their length. To do this, it's need to stick together straight lamellas from the back of the panel sheet. If the spliced elements are small and will be fixed in the facade, then glue can not be used. A sheet with connected fragments of any size on it's front side can't be distinguished from an entire RIFLIX panel.