RIFLIX and interior design

Decorative screens of radiators, wall and ceiling panels, home and office partitions, elements of stairs - these are only a part of all the applications of the RIFLIX wicker material in the interior design.

An ability of the RIFLIX material to pass the air through it and its high resistance to external, aggressive factors are valuable qualities in the production of a decorative surfaces for a special purposes.

Heating radiator's screens

Riflix-A10, coloring "White ash"

Decorative screens of radiators are becoming an integral part of the modern interior. Both openwork and solid RIFLIX panels have a great breathability and are an excellent materials for filling radiator screens.

Made in the form of a wooden lattice, RIFLIX-A can be easily installed in the binding of a decorative screen. The panel does not deform over the time, has an aesthetic appearance and it is very simple to handle it.

Wall and ceiling panels, doors

RIFLIX-C82, coloring "White oak"

Decorative panels made of any type of RIFLIX successfully fit into the wooden interior design. The structure of the material will greatly reduce the effect of echo in a large rooms.

Due to the width of RIFLIX panels up to 0.9 m, the facing of the walls and ceiling will take up less time than using conventional wooden panels, and the weight load on the frame will be minimal.

Partitions and sliding doors using RIFLIX can be made in any form to realize the most original design ideas: radial, bent, wavy, etc.

Sliding doors wardrobes

RIFLIX-C81, coloring "Antique oak"

The cost of production of sliding wardrobes with a wooden doors can often be extremely high. RIFLIX wicker material allows you to get a sliding wardrobe with a natural wooden facade faster and more profitable - you just only need to install the RIFLIX panel into the wardrobe door binding.

The width of the unpainted RIFLIX panels corresponds to the typical dimensions of the wardrobes and cabinet doors. The door with a such material will be light and elegant, and could minimize the hardware load.

In combination with a numerous methods of a finishing with paints and varnishes, the wicker facade of the wardrobe acquires a luxurious look.

Furniture facades

RIFLIX-A6, coloring "Light beech"

Such a "difficult to work with" furniture elements such as bed panels and kitchen facades will preserve their natural style and acquire a real personality with the RIFLIX material.

The flexibility of the panels allows the furniture manufacturer to easily create a curved kitchen facades.