Many woodworking specialists know about the problem of creating large area panels of natural wood. Usually such panels were not made at all. However, in 2005 , we developed and patented a technology for making wicker panels from natural wood , which allowed us not to pay attention to the physical properties and geometric dimensions of the raw material.

Laminated and veneered or combined materials are becoming more and more popular. But if there's need to use a natural materials in the decoration work, neither chipboard nor MDF are suitable.

We produce the RIFLIX wooden panels - an innovative material with lots of new good consumer qualities.

Our wicker panels have the advantages of plate materials, the benefits of natural wood, the lightness and refinement of wickerwork, which makes RIFLIX an extremely multifunctional and aesthetically valuable material with a wide range of applications.

Openwork panels

Solid panels

We sell abroad

RIFLIX panels are carefully packed and delivered from Russia by the transport companies.